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Shigeki Yagyu

Chief Executive Offisor

Shigeki is a Pediatric Oncologist and Professor at Shinshu University. Shigeki heads a basic and translational research laboratory focused on developing novel cell and gene therapy approaches for hematologic and solid malignancies. In particular, Shigeki leads clinical research of genetically-engineered cellular immunotherapy, including CAR-T cells and NK cells.

Shigeki previously performed his postdoctoral training in Center for Cell and Gene therapy at Baylor College of Medicine, where he investigated adoptive cell therapy for cancer. Shigeki also holds multiple patents related to developing novel CAR-expressing immune cells. Shigeki joined A-SEEDS Co,. Ltd. in 2022, focusing on translating the novel transposon-based CAR-T cell therapy in the clinic.

Leadership: チーム
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