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Cultivating Breakthroughs
   - Harnessing the Power of Academic Seeds
      in Cancer Therapy

A-SEEDS, a spin-off company from Shinshu University, has emerged with cutting-edge technology to provide promising treatments for life-threatening cancers.
Developed using non-viral genetic engineering, this groundbreaking immune-cell therapy aims to offer new hope for patients.

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Unleashing the Power of Non-Viral
Gene-Modified CAR-T Cell Therapy

Our mission is to revolutionize cancer treatment and empower patients with hope for a brighter future. We strive to deliver highly effective therapies that touch the lives of as many individuals as possible. We hope to create a society where hope thrives and life triumphs over cancer.


Unlocking Limitless Potential
At the heart of our mission lies a vibrant team of dedicated medical professionals, researchers, and experts in non-clinical safety studies and clinical trial support. Together, we share a bold ambition: harnessing the incredible power of non-viral gene-modified CAR-T cell therapy.

Turning Vision into Life-Changing Treatment
We seamlessly unite each stage of development, embarking on an extraordinary journey that encompasses groundbreaking research, meticulous non-clinical trials, and rapid clinical implementation.

Enabling Swift Accessibility
Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the delivery of this groundbreaking therapy to countless patients, leaving an indelible impact on as many lives as possible.

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