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A-SEEDS Co., Ltd. Secured 440 M JPY in Seed Round Funding for Pioneering Global Trials of CAR-T Cell Therapy

A-SEEDS Co., Ltd. has achieved a significant milestone by raising 440 million yen in seed funding, contributed by Hachijuni Investment Co., Ltd. and Greencore Co., Ltd. This capital injection is pivotal in underpinning the preparatory phase for clinical trials in the United States, slated for initiation in 2024. The funds will enable technology transfers in CAR-T cell production and bolster our organizational structure and research and development capabilities. This crucial phase of funding is instrumental as we advance toward an ambitious capital mobilization to reinforce our clinical trial endeavors in the U.S.

A-SEEDS Co., Ltd. (Matsumoto, Nagano, CEO: Shigeki Yagyu), is pleased to announce the acquisition of 440 million yen in seed funding from Hachijuni Investment Co., Ltd. (Nagano, Nagano, CEO: Takehiko Maeda) and Greencore Co., Ltd. (Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Ryusuke Honjo).

A-SEEDS Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the progression of fundamental research and preclinical development aimed at providing CAR-T cell therapy for cancer patients in urgent need of novel therapeutic options. Our cutting-edge CAR-T cell products, innovated through the utilization of piggyBac transposon technology, has been shown to deliver enhanced and prolonged therapeutic outcomes when juxtaposed with existing CAR-T therapies. This advancement is achieved alongside significant cost efficiencies in production, establishing our product as a paradigm shift in therapeutic and economic viability within the medical sphere. Having completed preclinical trials for two distinct CAR-T cell products and progressing with phase 1 clinical trials in collaboration with Shinshu University, A-SEEDS Co., Ltd. is also committed to the ongoing development of a diverse range of CAR-T cell therapeutic pipelines.

With this round of funding, our company can now prepare for clinical trials planned in the United States after 2024 and strengthen our organizational and research and development systems for globalization. Furthermore, we are strategizing for an extensive capital raise to support these U.S. clinical trials. Originating from Nagano Prefecture, our mission to globally disseminate CAR-T cell therapy in clinical practice stands as a testament to our commitment to addressing the unmet medical needs of cancer patients.

■ Hachijuni Investment Co., Ltd.

Company name: Hachijuni Investment Co., Ltd. (HP:

Location: 1282-11 Minami-Nagano Minamiishido-cho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture

Representative: Takehiko Maeda

Establishment: October 2021

Capital: 30 million yen

■ Greencore Co., Ltd.

Company name: Greencore Co., Ltd.

Location: 1-14-9 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Ryusuke Honjo

Establishment: May 1974

Capital: 30 million yen

■ A-SEEDS Co., Ltd.

Company name: A-SEEDS Co., Ltd.

Location: 3-1-1 CSMIT, Asahi, Matsumoto, Nagano,

Representative: Shigeki Yagyu

Establishment: April 2020

Capital: 36 million yen

■ Contact Info.

A-SEEDS Co., Ltd.

Kiyohito Tani

Tel: 0263-31-5882


Press Release EN 20240104
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